Washington for the Arts

The Washington Pavilion of Arts and Science opened in 1999 and houses an art gallery, concert hall, large-format theater, and science museum in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States. The Pavilion was a result of a renovation of Washington High School. The building is of Neoclassical styling and is architecturally interesting. The building's facade is created from large blocks of Sioux quartzite, a pinkish quartzite native to the area and seen at the falls of the Big Sioux River. A small portion of the north wing is constructed of black rock which was believed to be black quartzie but is in fact corson diabase, which is hardened liquid magma.

The Actors' Center Arlington, VA
American Indians Virtual Museum
Arlington Artists Alliance Arlington, VA--The Alliance is a non-profit organization working to promote visual art in Arlington. Site includes upcoming exhibits.
Art Promotions, Inc. McLean, VA--original art, fine art, paintings, visual artists, pr for artists, art news, shop online, advertise art, portraits, gallery, Art Promotions, free
Association of International Photography Art Dealers
The Cultural Alliance of Greater Washington Washington, DC
DC Artscene Washington, DC--A free resource fine arts site for visual artists in the DC area and artists looking to exhibit visual art in the Washington area.
Fells Point Creative Alliance
Greater Reston Arts Center Reston, VA
Project Judaica Foundation
Washington Art Dealers Association

The Washington Art Education Association will be a vibrant, active community of individuals who are committed to quality visual arts education at all levels in Washington State. Its members will represent 60% of all eligible art educators throughout the state, who perceive WAEA membership as critical to their success.